Portugal 2024

My 2024 solo travel adventure brought me to Portugal! I rented a house in the historic section of Albufeira, southern coast in the Algarve region. Beautiful sunshine greeted me almost everyday, along with an americano with extra hot water that I ordered at a beach cafe. These travels are all about routine, usually involving meditation, yoga and songwriting, but this trip was a bit different. Though I did sit in meditation most days, yoga gave way to daily walks – or rather climbs, as Albufeira is quite hilly. I did buy a guitar when I arrived and played regularly, but only wrote one song that will likely never be played again. My attention was focused learning to read and understand the Tarot, filling a sketch book with abstract art, and writing a memoir. All three of these continue to be challenging endeavours that I hope are fulfilling a greater purpose of which I’m not yet aware. 

My brother Rick came to visit for a few days before heading on a tour of Spain, and my brother Bill and his wife, Eileen, were also in Portugal on holiday. We spent a day together visiting a cork factory and sightseeing. I was really happy to have the company because I didn’t have great luck forging a community in the village, so when I learned that my high school friend, Karen, would be twenty minutes down the road, we made plans to visit a winery! 

Perhaps the most exciting part of the adventure came towards the end of the month. My partner, Chris, met me in Lisbon where we rented a car and headed out for a few days of travel together. 

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