South Branch Road

  1. South Branch Road -:-- / 3:26

The South Branch Road winds and rolls
Like the river that flows by its side
I can trace the years from my birth to here
Down the middle of its yellow line

I fell in love with tar and stone
And a county lined with maple and oak
Back in nineteen sixty-one
Mom and dad bought a place out on that road
I spent many summers on a steel blue bike
Weaving shoulder to shoulder like wind in a kite
Riding high with all my might
But I always found a way to get back home

Things have changed these last few years
Lots of houses built up where there used to be fields
I took off in my shiny wheels
Can’t hold the hands of time when it wants to go

I can still see every curve and bend
Down the old rural route of remember when’s
Every crack and hole feel like a friend
As I’m out here making my way back home

©2010 Nancy Beaudette / Moonlit Pond Records SOCAN / All Rights Reserved