Something Beautiful

  1. Something Beautiful -:-- / 3:51

Write it down on a piece of paper
Sketch and trace the things that matter
Fold it up kiss it once for luck
Watch it rise up in the air
As smoke and flames take it there
And hope that it’s enough
Don’t lie awake at night and wonder how on earth
The things you dream will ever come to be, just…

Keep your feet on the ground
And your heart above the clouds
Don’t look back
Don’t look down
It’s always been in front of you
Let it fill you up with something beautiful

Black coffee in a paper cup
Sipping slow while the sun comes up
Make it last, and wrap it up to go
Take time for the simple things
Letting go of what might have beens
Can be harder than you know
‘Cause all that time you spend looking back and forth
Just makes you tired
And leaves you uninspired, so…

Something like a big, big love
That fills you up – it fills you up
Something way more than enough of something
Something real that makes you high
Makes you laugh and makes you cry
And it feels so right inside

c2009 Nancy Beaudette – All Rights Reserved

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