Can’t Hold Back

  1. Can’t Hold Back -:-- / 3:42

Those branches climbed the house right over the peak
Spread out in a canopy of purple and green
As high and as wide as a young girl’s dream
That old grapevine’s a lot like me

Came to life like the flowers every spring
Folks worked hard to tame that wild thing
Tried to cut it down but it grew back again
Hmmm, should’a let it be

Can’t hold back a thing that’s gotta grow
Can’t tell the wind which way it oughta blow
Can’t make stay what’s got a mind to go
Oh o o, o, o

Funny how feelings get tangled up inside
Think you’re ready, it’s time to ride
Pulling out the driveway, mom and dad wave goodbye
There goes seventeen

World’ll spin you on your heels, turn you upside down
Thank god for roots in solid ground
Smell the roses, keep up with the Jones’
Fly so fast, before you know it
Zero to fifty in seconds flat
Not a damn thing you can do about that

©2015 Nancy Beaudette & Rick Lang / Moonlit Pond Records (SOCAN)