Nancy Beaudette South Branch Road

Award Winning Songwriter
Nancy Beaudette

New CD “South Branch Road”

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“What I love about Beaudette’s work is how many layers there are to each track…And her prose evokes a type of energy and emotion that only few musicians are capable of arousing.” – Alec Cunningham, Journalist, Knoxville, TN

“Beaudette is the type of artist who is likely to be compared to Mitchell, Baez or Judy Collins, the intonation in her voice sometimes brings to mind someone whose name seldom appears in reviews of folk-rock albums: Heart’s Ann Wilson. Mainly a folk-rock album, there are times when South Branch Road detours a bit into country-rock territory…[these] songs would have worked on an album by Mary Chapin Carpenter or Tricia Yearwood.” –  Alex Henderson, Journalist, Political Reporter, Cultural Critic

“Possessed of a gift for insightful songwriting, Beaudette consistently weaves tales with common threads that, when combined together, create a beautiful tapestry that she uses to tell tales of love, loss, and life lived to the fullest. And that’s a tapestry that demands attention and discerning listeners will be more than happy to spend the time taking a trip down ‘South Branch Road’. –  Andrew Greenhalgh Thirty Three & A Third Record Reviews

“The music is inventive, memorable, and utilizes an array of instrumentation and melodies for a truly great result. Nancy’s vocals resemble the edgy fortitude of Trish Murphy with the sweetness of Annie Humphrey and Anne Weiss. The songwriting and vocals mirrors the creativeness of Shawn Colvin…Nancy Beaudette is an independent musician and performer with a knack for creating intelligent stories, catchy choruses, and highly-textured instrumentation. South Branch Road is an album that traverses the heart-strings of love, life, and hope across related folk, roots, and pop genres…The entire album is littered with delicious chords, sounds, and rhythms that are very enjoyable. No improvements are needed here. In fact, this is one of the best folk recordings released in awhile. For Nancy, South Branch Road is paved with ingenuity—not potholes.” –  Matthew Forss Inside World Music

“Nancy Beaudette has a voice and writing style that can cut right through to your heart and soul with ease.” – Heath Andrews, Music Reviewer

“I try to get a sense as to whether or not the song and performance touches the heart of the listener. Some people can do that, other people cannot. So, when I say Nancy has something very “special,” I mean it and would love to have talent managers, publishers and promoters take notice.” – Tom Thorpe, Thorpe Entertainment Enterprises

“Nancy Beaudette is ebullient and optimistic and clearly enlivened by her future with music. Her smile is evident even through the phone lines!” – Rich Lopez, Dallas Voice

“It’s rare to find someone with the level of depth and sensitivity in their songwriting…Nancy stands out above the crowd!” - Barbara Cloyd, Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, TN

“Waiting for a heart to change will not make it so’ (lyric from Honestly) is beautiful. This is one of my favorite songs on the album.”  – Angel Diva Music, L.A.

“Beaudette’s song craft is top of the line, her voice marvelously endowed with texture and feeling” - Bill Copeland Music News, NH

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