Nancy Beaudette South Branch Road

Award Winning Songwriter
Nancy Beaudette

New CD “South Branch Road”

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“What I love about Beaudette’s work is how many layers there are to each track…And her prose evokes a type of energy and emotion that only few musicians are capable of arousing.” – Alec Cunningham, Journalist, Knoxville, TN

“Beaudette is the type of artist who is likely to be compared to Mitchell, Baez or Judy Collins…[these] songs would have worked on an album by Mary Chapin Carpenter or Tricia Yearwood.” –  Alex Henderson, Journalist, Political Reporter, Cultural Critic

“Possessed of a gift for insightful songwriting, Beaudette consistently weaves tales with common threads that, when combined together, create a beautiful tapestry that she uses to tell tales of love, loss, and life lived to the fullest.” –  Andrew Greenhalgh Thirty Three & A Third Record Reviews

“The songwriting and vocals mirrors the creativeness of Shawn Colvin…Nancy Beaudette [has] a knack for creating intelligent stories, catchy choruses, and highly-textured instrumentation. –  Matthew Forss Inside World Music

“Nancy Beaudette has a voice and writing style that can cut right through to your heart and soul with ease.” – Heath Andrews, Music Reviewer

“I try to get a sense as to whether or not the song and performance touches the heart of the listener. Some people can do that, other people cannot. So, when I say Nancy has something very “special,” I mean it and would love to have talent managers, publishers and promoters take notice.” – Tom Thorpe, Thorpe Entertainment Enterprises

“Nancy Beaudette is ebullient and optimistic and clearly enlivened by her future with music. Her smile is evident even through the phone lines!” – Rich Lopez, Dallas Voice

“It’s rare to find someone with the level of depth and sensitivity in their songwriting…Nancy stands out above the crowd!” – Barbara Cloyd, Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, TN

“Waiting for a heart to change will not make it so’ (lyric from Honestly) is beautiful. This is one of my favorite songs on the album.”  – Angel Diva Music, L.A.

“Beaudette’s song craft is top of the line, her voice marvelously endowed with texture and feeling” – Bill Copeland Music News, NH

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