Silence Tonight

  1. Silence Tonight -:-- / 4:02

A message of the peace all Mother’s long for when their sons and daughters are serving in the military.

Christmas Eve in Northern France
Nineteen fourteen
Margaret and her children gather
Round the evergreen
Singing songs of silent night
But the words would not ring true
For though the guns lay quiet now
The calm would end too soon

How many mothers wait by a window
A candle they’ll light
And they’ll pray for peace
And they’ll pray for strength
And they’ll pray for silence tonight

In forty-one the brave and young
Lined up to enlist
At the station Mary fought the tears
And gave her son a farewell kiss
“Don’t worry Mom, I’ll be fine,
I’ll be home by Christmas day”
But Mary knew it might not be true
As the train pulled him away

Generations of soldiers decorate the walls
Beside generations of mothers who kept watch while they were gone
Though the tiny flame may waver it never will go out
Till they come home, so bring them home

©2010 Nancy Beaudette & Christine Hatch / All rights reserved

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