Coaching and Producing

I feel so fortunate to be a creativity coach and I have the most amazing clients. Recently I had an opportunity to produce an EP for one such client, Jan. Our collaboration has been going on for a few years now, and Jan’s songs are so great we knew the next step was to book a recording session. My colleague, Connie Mims, stepped in again as my co-producer and we booked Rosewood Studio in Tyler, Texas.

Producing is another form of creativity – helping artists select songs to record and making decisions on how those songs will sound. Everything from combing over lyrics and song form to tempo and instrumentation are part of a producers job, and I love helping to support those decisions. After being involved in so many recording projects over the past thirty plus years, it feels like a natural fit for me to hold the reins for someone else, especially women! 

I can’t wait to share the results of Jan’s EP. Stay tuned!