“Peace Date” Video Release Day!

April 21, 2017

“Peace Date” was inspired by an experience I had walking down the street in Cape Town, South Africa this past January. I saw a street vendor singing and smiling, obviously so happy that I had to engage him. I asked what he was singing about and he pointed to the sky saying, “We are light in the darkness.” Nur and I took it from there. Nur Felix is an incredible songwriter/artist from Cape Town and I was honoured to co-write this song with him. Help us spread the message around the world.

You can also buy the MP3 – and when you do, every single penny raised will go towards helping Nur finish recording his CD. Follow this link to donate:

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“Sisters of a Different Skin” Song Release

January 21, 2017

This past December, I had the amazing privilege of being part of the Lucy Stone Singers, a fabulous group of talented women who said YES when Susan Cattaneo put out the call to be part of the recording of, “Sisters of A Different Skin”.

Susan Cattaneo, is an award-winning songwriter and Berklee professor, and a true advocate for women’s rights around the world.  Recalling the inspiration for its creation, she says, “This song started as an a cappella voice memo in my phone. Many recent events in the news inspired me to write this song. It feels like it’s an important time to talk about gender equality and empowerment. I had this image of this chorus of women of all ages, races and musical genres singing it. Fortunately, I’ve worked with many wonderful women in the New England music scene, and they all came together to sing it with me.”

All proceeds from sales of the single will go to Girls Who Code, a national non-profit organization dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology. Please support this important organization and buy the song here!

Sisters Of A Different Skin by The Lucy Stone Singers from Susan Cattaneo on Vimeo.

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2015 – A Year In Review

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Video Release – “Can’t Hold Back”

We hope you enjoy this live version of Nancy’s song “Can’t Hold Back”. It was recorded at the Official CD Release Party in May 2015. Let us know you ‘like’ it by sharing! (Click your favourite share links below)

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Shoot To Score (The Hockey Song) – Official Video Release

February 19, 2014

Shoot To Score VideoA Tribute To Women’s Hockey

There’s going to be a very big hockey game at the Olympics – again!! The Canadian Women vs the USA Women – the two BEST teams in the WORLD – will face off for the gold medal.

The sport has come a long way since I was a kid, thank goodness for that! I grew up in rural Ontario, and the winter months brought ice, snow and hockey! Home made rinks and ponds were cleared and kids from the whole neighbourhood showed up to play, girls and boys alike. Back in the 60’s there were no leagues for girls, but the decades following changed all that. In the late 70’s I decided to try out for a college team, thinking it would be much like the pond hockey games I played as a kid. Imagine my surprise when I showed up at the rink and all the girls were decked in full hockey gear from head to toe. I was completely unprepared and somewhat humiliated, but all these years later, the experience became the inspiration for this song! 

“Shoot to Score” is a tribute to women’s hockey, and honours Lori Dupuis from my hometown of Cornwall, Ontario Canada. She played on the Women’s Olympic Hockey Team in Nagano and Salt Lake City, capturing silver and gold metals. You’ll also recognize other hockey legends named with Lori, but you’ll have to watch the whole video to find out who made the roster. 

I dedicate this song to ALL women/girl hockey players! SHOOT TO SCORE!!!!

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Tiny Art Books, Gelatin Printing & Winter Storm Entertainment!

February 17, 2014

Joy Art Book


Oh, those winter months do tend to drag on and on. With all the snow days we’ve had this season, I found time to entertain myself with art! Before embarking on a full time music career, my profession was sign making – I am a traditional sign painter and graphic designer –  and once an artist, always an artist! Actually, my visual art and songwriting have always been symbiotic in nature, each feeding and finding inspiration from the other. Through the years it’s been important for me to tend to, and nurture both disciplines.

At least once a month I try to have ‘art day’; I experiment with everything from paper making to jewellery design. Each project is usually started and finished in one or two days, which I find quite satisfying.

I’ve decided to share my art projects with you, hoping that you’ll either follow along with some of my step-by-steps, or venture into that hobby that’s been on the back burner for far too long. 

IMG_7993Bookmark my new Art Projects page and check in regularly to see what’s new. Please let me know if you have any questions, and know that I would love to see your creations. Feel free to contact me at contact @ (remove spaces before and after the @ sign.)



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