South Branch Road CD Lyrics


Lying with you on the hood of my car

Under a blanket of autumn stars

Don’t know the minute or hour

But I found love in a meteor shower

Trail of orange shoots across the sky

A straight shot between you and I

Ou’s and awes on your lips

And I dare to make a wish



            I’m falling for you tonight

            The way you’re lookin’ at me I think I might

            Have the wish, I’m wishin’ tonight


Pointing my finger at Orion’s belt

You lean in and start to melt

I can feel every beat of your heart

The wonder of you is hittin’ me hard

The closer you get the more I dream

You gotta make a believer out of me

Come on Baby, shine my star

Why don’t we take this a little too far?


©2013 Nancy Beaudette / All rights reserved


South Branch Road


The South Branch Road winds and rolls

Like the river that flows by its side

I can trace the years from my birth to here

Right down the centre line


I fell in love with tar and stone

And a county lined with maple and oak

In sixty-one with three kids in tow

Mom and dad bought a place there and made it home

I spent my summers on a steel blue bike

Weaving shoulder to shoulder like wind in a kite

Dreaming big and reaching high

Riding further and further out on my own


Things have changed throughout the years

Houses built up where there used to be fields

You sure move fast when you’ve got four wheels

If I could turn it around, I’d take it slow


I still see every curve and bend

Down the old rural route of remember when’s

Every crack and hole like a friend

After all these years it still feels like home

©2010 Nancy Beaudette / Moonlit Pond Records SOCAN / All Rights Reserved


In the Company of Stones

I walk in fields of yellow and grey

The wind is cold today

Leaves are falling; they scatter and blow

On a trail of restless souls


High up above in the brow of the trees

Cawing their stories of home

Here at the gathering me and the crows

In the company of stones


            A thousand moments

            A thousand dawns

            Held by these chapters of time

            And I, in the shadow of what remains

            Of these ancestors of mine


Marking the graves, the dates and the names

A generation looms

Memories tattered, dispersed among heirs

Holding them in their care


Ou…..             Ou…..             Ou…..             ………


By ancient mystery crows understand

And join in the lament

Of whispering lovers left on their own

In the company of stones


©2005 Nancy Beaudette / Moonlit Pond Records SOCAN / All Rights Reserved


Build It Up

The fire started in the upstairs hallway

A kerosene lamp led a trail of flames down the wall

It burned hard but not a soul was harmed that night in 22

Left Mary and Nelson wondering what to do

All they were left with by morning were ashes

And a family who would never forget


            Build it up, build it up

            Do what needs getting done to start over

            Build it up, no matter what

            It may be tough, but this house will be stronger, you’ll see

            And in the end so will we


All the money had to come from somewhere

There’d never be enough to rebuild on a farmers wage

So carve the cornfield off row-by-row and boil down the harvest

Bottle it up, take it to town to sell or trade

Pray the lord pay no heed to indiscretions

But that roof must go up before winter comes


Now that house has stood tall for near a century

Seven generations called it home

I trace my steps there when I’m feeling broken

It heals my wounds, calms that aching in my bones


©2011 Nancy Beaudette & Marc Rossi / Moonlit Pond Records (SOCAN) / Marc My Words Music (ASCAP)


Ride On

Daddy I wanna ride my bike

I know it’s something that I’ll really like

But I don’t know how

Lift me up put me on the seat

Make the handlebars close so I can reach

Can we do it right now

Then he ran alongside of me

When he let go I fell and skinned my knee

He picked me up and said, “that’s not so bad” – just


            Ride on

            Get back in the saddle and ride on

            You can win this battle

            If you don’t give up, if you just stay tough

            You’re gonna find your way, you’re gonna be okay

            Just ride on


Dad I hate to make this call

The road was slick and I ditched your car

But I’m okay

It was raining hard and I couldn’t see

The lights were bright and they blinded me

No, really, I’m okay

Next thing I know he’s standing right by me

While they’re pulling the car back on the street

He calmly asks, “you okay to drive?” well


Dad I think I need a place to stay

Gotta figure things out and I’ll be on my way

Can I have my old room?

I fell hard, broke my heart this time

May take awhile but I’ll be fine

Don’t know how soon

I gotta admit it feels like hell

We both know that you taught me well

Let me tell you what I’m gonna do


            Gonna ride on

            Get back in the saddle, I’m gonna ride on

            I can win this battle

            If I don’t give up, if I just stay tough

            I’m gonna find my way, I’m gonna be okay

            Gonna be okay

            Ride on, ride on, ride on


Words & Music by: Kerry Chater, Nancy Beaudette, Lynn Gillespie Chater

©2011 Chater songs (BMI) / Grace Music (SOCAN) / Chater Songs (BMI)


Shoot to Score


January cold and dark

Water freezes smooth and hard

Winter time out in the yard

Could give a kid a dream

We’d meet up at Billy’s place

With sticks and a puck an’ a pair of skates

And every kid who wore the blades

Believed he’d make the team


            Clear a patch long and wide

            Pile snow up along the sides

            Drop the puck at centre ice

            And just like Bobby Orr

            Shoot to score


Tryouts were on Thursday night

College girls out on the ice

All suited up under lights

Making it look easy

I loved to play but I wasn’t great

An’ I showed up with my figure skates

And my first step out onto the ice

And I fell flat on my face


I still love a moonlit pond

Where I kick my boots off and lace ‘em on

Even now I can dream the dream

I still dream the dream


            Clear a patch long and wide

            Pile snow up along the sides

            Drop the puck at centre ice

            And just like Bobby Orr

            And Rocket Richard

            And Lori Dupuis

            And Wayne Gretzky

            And the girl next door

            Shoot to score


©2010 Nancy Beaudette / Moonlit Pond Records SOCAN / All Rights Reserved

Something Tells Me

Dirty dishes in the sink

A cup of tea she didn’t drink

A stack of mail on the floor

A pair of slippers by the door

Something tells me

She left in a hurray

The sign said everything must go

No offer is too low

Strangers rummage for a deal

As if she wasn’t real


Yellow’d pictures on the shelves

Down the hall and up the stairs

I counted five kids and a dog

Then grandkids came along

Something tells me

They grew up in a hurray

Dolls and footballs left behind

Jeans and skirts of every kind

All these snapshots from the past

You can’t put a price on that


            I see love in all this stuff

            Just like I do in mine

            Mem’ries to hold onto

            A place to belong to

            ‘Til it’s your time­


Her bedroom felt so big

Still filled with all her things

Socks rolled up in drawers

Beside the wigs she wore

Something tell me

She left in a hurray

Sixty-five was way too soon

This house had so much room

Something tell me

She left in a hurray

Her heirlooms and her gems

Are now just odds and ends


©2012 Nancy Beaudette / Moonlit Pond Records SOCAN / All Rights Reserved



Between Your Heart & Mine (Brooklyn Bridge)

I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge

While the sun was going down

I saw the heart of Manhattan

Wear the twilight like a crown

My hand reached out for you

For a moment it felt like you were here

But there’s been oh so many tears


I’ll cross this bridge

A tangled web of steel and stone

So I don’t have to feel alone

If you meet me half way

Then somehow we’ll bridge the time

Between your heart and mine


Above the earth, beyond the shore

Where heaven meets the tide

I set a kiss upon the waves

A gift for you to find

The Lady in the harbour

Is keeping vigil, standing strong

But you’ve been gone so long


Can you hear me?

Feel me whisper in your ear?

I’m still here


©2009 Nancy Beaudette / Moonlit Pond Records SOCAN / All Rights Reserved


‘Til the Tomatoes Ripen

Gonna grow a little garden by the sea

Gonna tend the earth and find a little peace

A little rain, a little sun

And a lot-a love should be enough

Gonna grow a garden by the sea


            Ou, ou u ou

            A little bit of peace and quiet

            Ou, ou u ou

            Next best thing to a desert island

            Ou, ou u ou

            Gonna hold out til the tomatoes ripen


Gonna watch the rolling ocean and wait

Gonna drink lemonade while the seeds germinate

With any luck it’ll ease my mind

If only one tide at a time

Gonna watch the ocean and wait


Gonna pull up weeds and rake between the rows

Gonna sing my song and let my worries go

I’ll help this garden grow up high

Then pluck the bounty from the vine

Gonna pull up weeds and rake between the rows


©2011 Nancy Beaudette / Moonlit Pond Records SOCAN / All Rights Reserved


Can’t Hold Back           

Those branches climbed the house right over the peak

Spread out in a canopy of purple and green

As high and as wide as a young girl’s dream

That old grapevine’s        a lot like me


Came to life like the flowers every spring

Folks worked hard to tame that wild thing

Tried to cut it down but it grew back again

Hmmm, should’a let it be


               Can’t hold back a thing that’s gotta grow

               Can’t tell the wind which way it oughta blow

               Can’t make stay what’s got a mind to go

               Oh   o   o,     o,     o


Funny how feelings get tangled up inside

Think you’re ready, it’s time to ride

Pulling out the driveway, mom and dad wave goodbye

There goes seventeen


World’ll spin you on your heels, turn you upside down

Thank god for roots in solid ground

Smell the roses, keep up with the Jones’

Fly so fast, before you know it

Zero to fifty in seconds flat

Not a damn thing you can do about that


©2012 Nancy Beaudette & Rick Lang / Moonlit Pond Records (SOCAN)


End Of The Line

I watched the train lights disappear

How long have I been standing here?

So much right has gone so wrong

I can’t believe you’re movin’ on


We used to love that lonesome sound

Of the midnight train through town

Now the wind rolls through the trees

All I see are memories


               The whistle haunts me night after night

               All I hear is goodbye

            The tracks took us too far down round the bend

            It’s over now

            It’s the end of the line


Darkness turns my windows black

‘Til tomorrow, I won’t look back

Nothing left for me to hold

Train just ran right through my soul


©2012 Nancy Beaudette & Louisa Branscomb / ©2010 Moonlit Pond Records (SOCAN)/ Millwheel Music, Inc (BMI)


You Got It Goin’ On

It’s the sunshine in your blue eyes

You got it going on

So much sassy in your happy

You got it going on


You gotta a step in your swing

You make the robins and daffodils jump up and sing


It’s the warm wind you got me wrapped in

You got it going on

Lovin’ sweetness in honey kisses

You got it going on


©2010 Nancy Beaudette & Christine Hatch (ASCAP) / Moonlit Pond Records (SOCAN) All Rights Reserved.

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