Honestly Track Listing & Lyrics


1. A Million Reasons

2. Good Time For A Change

3. I Lost The Star We Wished On

4. Honestly

5. Something Beautiful

6. Hard Times

7. Cold

8. My Heart is Yours

9. It Finally Took Loosing You

10. When The Last Whistle Blows

11. I Think I’ll Buy A Christmas Tree

12. One Step Closer Than Yesterday (for Carole Larouche)

A Million Reasons


I’ve got a million reasons to be here with you

The fact I feel like singing is number twenty-two


You know I love you, I’m counting the ways

Just a little more each day I’m with you

Yes I love you, This smile on my face

Nothing can erase when I’m with you


You know I feel so lucky to have you by my side

You’re like a winning ticket that I didn’t have to buy


If love is rocket science, show me the stars

And start the count down, to launch my hear

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,

c2008 Nancy Beaudette, All rights reserved.



A Good Time for a Change


Nothing new about starting over

People do it all the time

Someone finds a new lover

Another stays behind

Leaving you isn’t easy

I won’t get points for bravery

Nothing new about starting over

It’s just new to me


            I don’t need luck

            I don’t want fame

            But I don’t want to stay the same

            It’s my chance

            It’s mine to claim

            It’s as good a time as any for a change


So I’m breaking with tradition

Might be a story of amends

Plotting my destination

On unfamiliar wings

Feels a lot like restitution

For a host of unknown sins

Though I’m breaking with tradition

It’s a mess I’m glad I’m in


If I let another day go by

Waiting for tomorrow

Soon enough there’ll be no time to borrow

No time to borrow

No time to borrow


c2007 Nancy Beaudette, All rights reserved.


I Lost the Star We Wished On


The lights of Tucson

Shine like diamonds in the sand

I’m heading west to find them

Leaving more than miles behind

And if the glow of the city

Brings a sparkle to my eyes

Maybe I’ll stay forever

On Arizona desert time


Counting sleepless nights and stars in the sky

On a clear night I can count for miles

But I can’t outrun everything I’ve done

‘Cause I lost the star we wished on


The Catalina foothills

Are full of flowers in July

And to bury a heartache

It’s a perfect place to hide

I’d like to dance in a garden

Without having to explain

Why I had to leave

And take my heart so far away


Sun comes up, sun goes down

Another night to ponder

And dust settles on sand and stone

‘Til it’s half past too late for going home


c2008 Nancy Beaudette – All Rights Reserved




Honestly, I thought that you had already gone

I can’t stand this awful feeling of moving on

Were you every really mine

Beautiful pearl to find

From the deep I pulled my love

Where such secrets lie


Honestly, I can’t fathom the space between

Stars are not as far away as you from me

Waiting for the sky to fall

Even when I know

Wishing for a heart to change

Will not make it so


            After all is said and done

            We’re just sorry after all

            After all is said and done

            We’re just sorry

            Oh so sorry


Honestly, I’m not ready to say goodbye

What choice have I? I’m all out of reasons why

Once upon our innocence

Lovers at least awhile

Too many seasons to forget

That you love me still

Do you love me still?


c2007 Nancy Beaudette, All rights reserved.



Something Beautiful


Write it down on a piece of paper

Sketch and trace the things that matter

Fold it up kiss it once for luck

Watch it rise up in the air

As smoke and flames take it there

And hope that it’s enough

Don’t lie awake at night and wonder how on earth

The things you dream will ever come to be, just…


Keep your feet on the ground

And your heart above the clouds

Don’t look back

Don’t look down

It’s always been in front of you

Let it fill you up with something beautiful


Black coffee in a paper cup

Sipping slow while the sun comes up

Make it last, and wrap it up to go

Take time for the simple things

Letting go of what might have beens

Can be harder than you know

‘Cause all that time you spend looking back and forth

Just makes you tired

And leaves you uninspired, so…


Something like a big, big love

That fills you up – it fills you up

Something way more than enough of something

Something real that makes you high

Makes you laugh and makes you cry

And it feels so right inside


c2009 Nancy Beaudette – All Rights Reserved


Hard Times – Nancy Beaudette & Dawn Kenney


These are more than memories

A picket fence and grown up dreams

Wrapped around a family

And finer things


I really thought I had it all

A good job, a fancy car

Living high but overdrawn

When I lost it all


Hard times

Bottom lines

Take it all away

            Hard times all over town

            But we’re not going down

Hard times

Shameful lies

Take it all away

            Gonna be a bumpy ride

            Got two hands, and a whole lotta pride


When the walls came crashing down

They fall hard when they hit the ground

The silent echo of the sound

Is deafening


All the things that used to matter                       

Just don’t matter anymore                                   

When these troubles are behind me                       

I’ll be stronger, stronger than before           


c2008 Nancy Beaudette & Dawn Kenney – All rights reserved





I miss you

I can’t sleep

Around me

Too much space

There are no clouds tonight

No blanket in the sky


            And I’m cold

            I’m cold

            I’m cold


If I could

Have one wish

I’d wish for

One more day

There are no hours left to burn

The wind comes, the flame is gone


Place the flowers

In your hair

When forever

Takes me there


c2007 Nancy Beaudette – All Rights Reserved



My Heart Is Yours


I’ve been living for this moment

All I have to do is breathe

And let the moon and stars inside you

Fill my emptiness with peace

If a thousand words for love

Could say everything I feel

It wouldn’t be enough

To tell you


            My heart is yours, and it’s on fire

            My heart has never been so sure

            My heart is yours


I want to lay with you forever

And touch the magic in your soul

Cause my worries melt like springtime

When I’m wrapped inside your arms

Our music moves through time

In the tender ebb and flow

Between your love and mine


            My heart is yours, and it’s on fire

            My heart has never been so sure

            My heart is yours


I would do anything, give everything

To stay here with you


            My heart is yours, and it’s on fire

            My heart has never been so sure

            My heart is yours


c2007 Nancy Beaudette – All Rights Reserved


It Finally Took Loosing You (to find me) 


After all these years of you and me

Well so much for history

Looks like all our best made plans

Will soon turn into should have beens

And should have beens don’t make good memories


Wish there was someone that I could blame

Or just a simple word that would explain

Cause it isn’t that I’m not in love

But somehow it’s just not enough

There’s nothing I can say to ease the pain


I never, ever thought I’d end up here

With the lines so well defined yet so unclear

Between needing you, and missing you, and loving you

It finally took loosing you to find me


Maybe I should take a holiday

Just to get my heart away

For a moment just go with the wind

Forget about this mess I’m in

Like forgetting’s something I could do anyway


C2008 Jon Vezner & Nancy Beaudette / All rights reserved



When The Last Whistle Blows

Ode to the closing of the paper-mill in Cornwall


            When the last whistle blows

            We’ll go out on the town

            For a job well done

            Even though they shut us down

            Any hope that pulp and fiber

            Would line our dreams with gold

            Is going straight up the stack

            When the last whistle blows


The news is rather grim

And we hate to see it come

Cause we’ve been reeling paper

Since eighteen eighty one

O’er a hundred years of toil

To this agonizing end

It’s hard to point a finger

For the mess that we’re in


The last shift is over

The final shipment gone

No more boiling wood chips

From dusk until dawn

There’s a sad and eerie silence

As the last machine shuts down

‘Cause we know it won’t be easy

It’s all different now


This is the only place I’ve ever called home

This town’s rebounded from hard times before

I still believe they’ll be something here for me

It won’t take long, It won’t take long


c2006 Nancy Beaudette – All Rights Reserved



I Think I’ll Buy a Christmas Tree


            I think I’ll buy a Christmas tree

            And bring it home for decorating

            I love the smell of evergreen

            It fills a room like you fill me


I’ll hang a wreath out on the door

And string up lights of blue and gold

I’ll taste a flake of falling snow

And wish that you were here

I’ll remember how you looked

Beside a fire of apple wood

We were bundled safe and warm

But that was long ago


I’ll take the box down from the hall

With the tinsel and the Christmas balls

You took your favourites when you left

So I guess the rest are mine

One by one I’ll find a branch

With all my strength I’ll reattach

My hope that all the hurt has past

And I’m doing fine


Copyright 2007 Nancy Beaudette / All Rights Reserved


One Step Closer Than Yesterday


Yesterday I said a prayer

I breathed the words into the air

I gave them to a sky of melted grey

I didn’t say goodbye

I just gave my whisper away


            Hear the thunder, feel the rain

            Counting seconds between the pain

            Ever after will have to wait

            But I’m one step closer than yesterday


Yesterday I laid a wreath

To mark the spot where angels sleep

And look for signs of forgotten grace

I just closed my eyes

That’s when I felt the fluttering of wings


Passing time

How can I get on with moving on?

Ask me today

I’d have to tell you I’ll never be that strong


Yesterday I held a seed

I dug the earth to bury deep

A tragedy no words can explain

And though I walked away

Somehow I know a garden remains


C2007 Nancy Beaudette / All Rights Reserved

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