Nancy Beaudette – Fa la la

“I dust off these old songs when December comes along”, a line from “In Our Home”, couldn’t be truer for Nancy Beaudette. She recalls singing carols with her family from a tender age, and it flourished into a lifelong passion the year she found her very own guitar under the Christmas tree.  “Fa la la” is a collection of nine original Holiday songs spanning emotions of festive joy, innocence, peace and longing.

  Word on the street about the CD? 

“I’m most enthralled with Beaudette’s voice, a treasure that sounds like it was born to sing Christmas music….It’s unlikely you’ll hear a more intimate set of holiday tunes released this year.” – Jonathan Pappalardo Review

“It’s joyful, sensitive, paints the holidays in lots of colors” D. O’Hanlan

“It’s one of the sweetest Christmas albums I’ve yet heard (and I’ve got a lot of them!) – Jon McAuliffe 

Wonderful music and lyrics;creates memories that bring tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your gift! What a warm treat for a cold day in Wisconsin”. – Marilyn Krump

Your Christmas CD is AWESOME..I’ve listened to it 3 times in a row..I love it.” – Elizabeth Mandrioli 

“Can’t stop listening to the new CD. Love it!” Haley M.

“It’s a constant in our car’s CD player right now. I might have to keep listening to it all winter.” – K. Vennard

“Listened to it last night, awesome! I am inspired to go out today to get our Christmas tree!” – B. Wright 

“FA-LA-LA is very sweet, a lovely tonic after so many overproduced and saccharine Christmas records. It’s a perfect companion to Laurie Lewis’ WINTERS GRACE and Deanie Richardson’s TINSEL TOWN.” D. Eaton


1. Fa La La

©2011 Nancy Beaudette, Luke Benedict & Owen Benedict) / All rights reserved


We’re gonna go get a Christmas tree

String up popcorn and make a wreath

Hang the stockings in a row

Hope the weatherman calls for snow


Fa la Christmas

Fa la la Christmas

Fa la la la la

It’s Christmas


Gonna bake cookies with chocolate chips

Cut up paper and wrap up gifts

Sing ‘jingle bells’ at the top of our lungs

Clean our room and have some fun


Gonna send my friend a Christmas card

Might even try a little eggnog

Flip through the new sears catalogue

And write a letter to Santa Claus


2. Silence Tonight

c2010 Nancy Beaudette & Christine Hatch / All rights reserved


Christmas Eve in Northern France

Nineteen fourteen

Margaret and her children gather

Round the evergreen

Singing songs of silent night

But the words would not ring true

For though the guns lay quiet now

The calm would end too soon


How many mothers wait by a window

A candle they’ll light

And they’ll pray for peace

And they’ll pray for strength

And they’ll pray for silence tonight


In forty-one the brave and young

Lined up to enlist

At station Mary fought the tears

And gave her son a farewell kiss

“Don’t worry Mom, I’ll be fine,

I’ll be home by Christmas day”

But Mary knew it might not be true

As the train pulled him away


Generations of soldiers decorate the walls

Beside generations of mothers who kept watch while they were gone

Though the tiny flame may waver it never will go out

Till they come home, so bring them home


3. In Our Home

©2012 Nancy Beaudette / All Rights Reserved


When I pick up this guitar

It all comes back to me

Strumming chords that I learned as a child

I dust off these old songs

When December comes along

Their melodies sure make me smile

I can hear us singing O Little Town

And all the laughter when my family gathered round


Dad would cut a tree from a stand of old white pine

We’d hang ornaments from tippy toes on branches up high

Mom would fuss with tinsel ‘til it hung just right

Our house was filled with love and lights aglow

The most perfect yuletide story that I know

Was in our home


Excitement swirled at every turn

Like drifting flakes of snow

Didn’t matter if you were five or eighty-one

Loved to hear Dad read ‘ ‘T’was the Night Before”

Sneak a butter-tart while it was warm

And hope Mom wouldn’t notice it was gone

I can smell the Christmas turkey and tourtiere

That homegrown goodness lingers in the air


Gift-wrapped memories passed down and held so dear

Like Gramma’s recipe for fruitcake we made every year

Little trinkets in my stocking made me smile from ear to ear

And I remember it all so clear


4. Most of All Baby (I Want You)

©2012 Nancy Beaudette & Robin Grant


Lights are glowing and I’m feeling festive

Kinda naughty and a little restless

So how-ow, bou-out curling up with me

Warm me up baby cause it’s getting colder

We’ll fa la la ’til the night is over

My wish list is short and sweet


I want magic on a snowy night

Reindeer that take off and fly

Santa in his bright red suit

But most of all baby, I— I, want you


There’s no need for gold or silver

Just a little fire in the deep of winter

Tonight you ‘n I are gonna glitter and shine

I don’t care what’s in my stocking

As long as our Christmas tree is rocking

I know you know just what I like


You’re my star of wonder, my first Noel

You put the jingle in my bell


5. Gold & Myrrh

©2011 Nancy Beaudette / All Rights Reserved


Looking up at a winter sky

I can’t help wonder why

I feel such yearning in my heart

Will I ever know

What the wise men knew so long ago

When they followed a star


Gold and myrrh

Gifts of royal birth

And sweet frankincense

Precious and rare

Still none that will compare

To our innocence


There was a time when I believed

In things I could not see

That hasn’t happened for a while

Now I gaze up high

And in the stars I hope I’ll find

A heart like a child


6. I Think I’ll Buy a Christmas Tree

© 2007 Nancy Beaudette / All Rights Reserved


I think I’ll buy a Christmas tree

And bring it home for decorating

I love the smell of evergreen

It fills a room like you fill me


I’ll hang a wreath out on the door

And string up lights of blue and gold

I’ll taste a flake of falling snow

And wish that you were here

I’ll remember how you looked

Beside a fire of apple wood

We were bundled safe and warm

But that was long ago


I’ll take the box down from the hall

With the tinsel and the Christmas balls

You took your favourites when you left

So I guess the rest are mine

One by one I’ll find a branch

With all my strength I’ll reattach

My hope that all the hurt has past

And I’m doing fine


7. My Silvertone Guitar

©2012 Louisa Branscomb and Nancy Beaudette


Mama liked the slow train

Twelve dollars was the price

To go all the way to Nashville

Rumbling through the night

We slept in the diner

On shiny Naugahyde

To music of the steel rails

As sleepy towns rolled by


Of all the trains to Nashville

One lives in my heart

The year that grandma promised

A new Silvertone guitar

I dozed off in Hunstville

With Patsy in my dreams

And the grand old Opry stage

With a star reserved for me


So all aboard for Nashville

Music City Tennessee

Where My Silvertone is waiting

Underneath the Christmas tree

It’s a long stretch of rail

Between Christmas Eve and dawn

I know when I get there

I’m Gonna write a hundred songs


It was 20 towns to Nashville

All dressed in Christmas cheer

Couldn’t wait till Union Station

To say goodbye to the engineer

I saw Grandma’s twinkle

As we all piled in the car

I knew I’d soon be playing

My Silvertone guitar



8. Merry Christmas To Me

©2012 Nancy Beaudette & Andrea C. Renfree


Merry Christmas people say

For me it’s a lonely day

But the show must go on

Poinsettia on the windowsill

A single stocking left to fill

I’ll do my best to be strong


Every Christmas since you went away

I’m as blue as I can be

Baby how I wish I could hear you say

Merry Christmas to me


In the morning I’ll wake up

Pour some cider in a cup

And put the angel on the tree

Crack a smile instead of being sad

Be thankful for the time we had

Offer a toast to your memory


All wrapped up

Tied in a bow

Everybody’s happy

But they don’t know


9. The Babe Of Bethlehem

©1994 Nancy Beaudette  /All Rights Reserved


Come behold the child

The promised One of God

Born in a manger, cradled in the straw

The angels sing glory

And the shepherds know

On this night our Savior is born


Singing glory

To the Babe of Bethlehem

The star that leads us to you still shines

Singing glory

To the Child in Mary’s arms

Arise, for your light has come


Let us go together

Bearing gifts so fine

To the King of humility

Born so he could die

And treasure these moments

For eternity

And cradle him forever in our hearts



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